We have a variety of options to help you achieve your perfect smile!

Teeth whitening

We are happy to offer three different options of prescription strength teeth whitening, so one of these regimens will be sure to fit your style and budget! Contact us now to learn more about each option!

  • Opalescene Go is the professional strength disposable tray option for our younger patients. It offers the convenience of being ready to wear right out of the package. For more information, please click here.
  • Day White is our take home professional strength whitening gel, complete with customized trays. You will leave with a generous supply of whitening gel and custom whitening trays. This is a great option for those patients who want a more custom whitening experience!
  • Zoom! Whitening gel is our in-office whitening system. You will leave the office after about two hours with whiter teeth! You will also receive the custom whitening trays, touch up whitening gel, and our prescription strength fluoride toothpaste.


Dr. Julie and Dr. Leah can apply composite bonding to correct minor imperfections with your smile.


Our doctors can place crowns on the front aspects of your teeth, called veneers, to correct any minor imperfections and give you a beautiful transformation! To learn more about veneers, click here.


For a full transformation, we can place crowns on your teeth to create an everlasting and perfect smile for you! Please contact us to schedule a consultation, so that we may create the best treatment plan for your desired results!