Stelly Family Dentistry is conveniently located in a custom building shared with each dental specialty, so that we may provide the best care to our patients. We are uniquely able to consult with multiple specialists regarding the best course of action for each individual case. It is also very easy for our patients to walk down the hall to visit the specialist, instead of driving across the city to see another doctor. This added level of convenience and comfort has proven invaluable for our patients.

Drs. Julie and Leah also work with the best dental labs in the DFW area to provide the most optimal crowns, bridges, dentures, and partials for our patients. Our lab technicians frequently visit the office to ensure they are providing the best cases for our patients. Our patients are also able to travel a short distance to their dental lab, if needed, to obtain the perfect shape and color for our crowns and implant crowns, if necessary.

Please contact us today so that we may develop the best treatment plan for you!