Restorative dentistry encompasses the majority of our dental treatments.


Fillings are placed to fill small voids in teeth caused by decay, or cavities. We use composite, a strong, long lasting material that matches your tooth color. 


Crowns, or caps, are used to completely cover a tooth, in order to protect the tooth from further damage. These crowns are designed by the best dental lab in Plano, with our  instructions, to perfectly match your existing smile.


Bridges are a permanent solution to replace one or two missing teeth. For more information on bridges, please click here.


Partials, or removable partial dentures, can replace multiple teeth in the dental arch. They are custom made for each patient, and they will be removed each night and cleaned by the patient.


Full dentures are used to replace all of the teeth in a dental arch. This can be for one or both arches of the mouth. These are custom made for each patient, and consist of multiple appointments to ensure the most optimal fit and function for the patient.


Implants are an excellent choice for a patient missing one or more teeth. They replace the root of a missing tooth, and they are placed by a skilled surgeon who works side-by-side with Dr. Julie and Dr. Leah. After healing and proper integration, we then fabricate a crown to connect to the implant. The end result is a permanent replacement for a tooth, with no damage to existing teeth. For more information, please visit here.